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Thursday, February 24, 2011


ALLCHRISTIE Massage Spa Sandy Utah
Discover the Many Benefits of Massage For Your Health!

Warm Oil Massage, Aroma therapy
Salt Scrub Massage, Sugar Scrub
Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue
Hot Rocks Massage, Rain-Drop Therapy
Post Sports Massage with Warming Table
Reflexology Massage, Limb-loss Massage
Facial Massage
Reiki Energy Massage
Body Work and Structure
Migun Jade-Heated Table

Product Sales:
ProArgi9 Circulation Health
Kangen High Ph Water
Spa Packages to use at home
Gift Certificates
Prizes for the Most Referrals
Free Movement/Balance Evaluation
Monthly Specials

Mission Statement: We serve you as a whole human being.
You will feel relaxed, like you are floating after your therapy.

PRICES for March 2011 Reduced Specials:
One-hour Massage – reduced to $60.00
Facial Massage $35.00
Reflexology $30.00
Salt or Sugar Scrub $45.00
Migun Jade-Heated Bed $20.00
Hot Rocks – reduced to $50.00
Reiki Energy $30.00
Post Sports Massage $65.00

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011



There are proven business practices that apply to Massage Therapy business as they do to all other businesses. Write your Mission statement to give you the Why you are deciding to be self-employed - working for yourself. Your tax benefits, ability to purchase a home, a business store front, and other banking policies should be addressed. Part of your research you can do on the internet. Example: find out how many practices of your type are in your area. What do they charge? Investigate the average cost of utilities in that area. Price of Rents? Cost of advertising? Will you be hiring staff, if so, what hourly rate?

The first key word of any Business Practice is clients! The second key word is Having a Business Plan including Finances with the appropriate Business Forms. The thrid key word is Marketing Strategies and type of Advertising you can afford. The final key word is Business Location. If you are planning on Bank Loans, your business Plan must be to their standards of accountability and repayment of costs plus interest.

Your Business Plan will have estimated income and expenses. It will set service fees and set the days or times you are open for business. In your research for these standards you will establish your business policies and/or the procedures or modalities that you will apply in your practice. Of course you will have goals to track your progress and a room theme including Feng Shui, aroma and color.

With your Business Forms you will have previously made file folders to be filled out by your clients, before you open. These will include the HEPPA laws with the Privacy Laws for protecting their information.

In your file folder, I suggest a picture of the body - both front and back, for you to define the problem areas to be worked on from your conversation(s) with your clients. When you offer insurance forms for payments from their Insurance, you will need to document their condition and your planned structure for pain relief with your benefits.

The file folder will also include client intake information and a release form from liability - which will have your Liability Insurance and License information therein. Also, questions to be filled out by your client regarding their medical history and a place for their signature. They will have signed for mediation not law suits should their be any questions about your service and therapy.

Add inspirational quotes to your office to keep you focused. Soft music, fragrant aromas, charts of the body, bells, candles, light from windows, decorations of many kinds will add to your practice the atmosphere you design for your benefit and the return of your cients.

Growing a successful practice has many phases and gives your work great possibilities. Your life will be greatly enhanced doing what you love to do in the place that you prepare.

Allchristie Massage Sandy Utah 801 565-8515

Monday, February 21, 2011



Massage and body work at Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah is the key to living free of pain and feeling great! We serve you! Your health is our highest concern. Body work is our specialty for reducing painful muscles. Proper alignment and relaxation of muscles is our top priority. We bring you pain-free living with improved health.

When you enter the office of Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah you notice the decoration of pictures and lighted water scenes. On the walls are cats, pumas, cheetahs, lions, zebras, elephants, and giraffes. The Serengeti is viewed in your mind. Perhaps you have a wish to go on a safari to a foreign land? If you love the sound of oceans, water fountains, soft music, or the singing of birds to your ears, you will love the atmosphere here.

Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah works for your best joyful life. The massage room uses aroma therapy, soft music, a heated table, hot moist towels and other equipment to wrap the client into soothing full relaxation.

On the wall above the massage table are multiple charts showing the muscles, bones, internal organs, and body structures that are helpful for viewing and for instructing the client about the possible problems that the client may possess.

Using Trigger-Point therapy to release the ache of a tightened muscle is necessary for that new feeling of pain-free life. Stretching and easy exercises for strained muscles give improvements needed to keep muscles toned and healthy. Vibration with a heated head allows tightened muscles to relax and return to their correct alignment.

Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah provides major massage therapies including hot rocks, essential rain-drop therapy for total relaxation and many modalities for increased health and the feeling of well being. Our special essential oil mixture to release any deep painful areas works extremely well and works quickly to allow relaxation in that muscle in cases where nothing else seems to work.

Call Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah
for your health and well being.
801 565-8515

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Aromatherapy is the science of using volatile plant oils from one or a variety of plants, labeled essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. The scents from these oils bring about positive changes in the mind, mood, and in the body. Essential oils have healing properties and can be used to reverse illness and physical ailments. Essential oils treat medical conditions. For example, they can fight infections, promote wound healing, reduce inflammation, affect hormonal levels, stimulate the immune system, heat the skin promoting blood circulation, and are good for digestion, sinus or lung congestion.

Scent is a very powerful thing. Scent has the power to transform our emotions, and heal our bodies. For example: certain scents like oatmeal cookies can trigger memories and take you to that experience instantly. Ohers scents can bring about certain mental or physical changes. Some persons are very affected by relaxation with certain oils. You can see the facial expressions change – right before your eyes.

During a massage the use of essential oils is a powerful way to maximize the healing power of the massage itself, with a powerful calming or energizing effect. The effect will depend on the oil chosen and the strokes of the therapist (slow movements relax and quick movements stimulate). Essentials oils go directly to the spot they are applied and needed.

A client that is suffering from Arthritis will have pain in joints. The use of juniper, lavender, rosemary, ginger, chamomile, tea tree, clove oil, and lemongrass will relieve the swelling and reduce the pain. Also birch, cayenne and ginger reduce the transmission of pain receptors to the brain. For a Headache the therapist would choose chamomile, lavender, peppermint, basil, chamomile, lemongrass or marjoram. Peppermint has a stimulating effect. Lavender is healing and chamomile is relaxing. Aging skin is another area that is helped with essential oils. These oils are the most expensive - rose and frankincense bring the best benefits. For example: it takes at least 20,000 rose pedals to make one ounce of oil.

Relaxation or a good nap will be aided with bergamot, chamomile, clary sage, frankincense, geranium, lavender, melissa, mandarin, neroli (orange blossom), rose, sandalwood, and tangerine. These can also be used in bath water and inhaled while relaxing. Viral Infections You may use bergamot, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon bark, clove bud, eucalyptus, garlic, geranium, holy basil, juniper, lavender, lemongrass, lemon, marjoram, myrrh, oregano, rose, rosemary sage, tea tree, and thyme.

Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah respects you as a client.
Call 801 565-8515

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At Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah there are many types of healing offered. One of them is the Migun Jade-Heated Thermal Mechanical bed. This mechanical bed is used by chiropractors to relax the spine and give relief to misalignment with the acupressure feature of the equipment.

Allchristie Massage offers this feature for increasing your health benefits. The Migun bed promotes balance and harmony in the whole body, thus allowing the body its full potential to heal itself. The Jade Thermal Massage dual-heads trace all the acupressure points from the neck area to bladder meridians and extends to the ankles while providing an enjoyable professional thermal massage.

Jade is the best natural carrier of Far-Infrared Rays. These rays emit healthy negative ions which are essential for the bodies natural anti-again system. The acupressure and Far-Infrared Rays, also generate through the all natural jade massage heads. Allowing their heat to penetrate into your blood stream, stimulate blood cells, increase calcium production and increase circulation. The procedure reduces your over worked lymphatic system and helps to dissolve toxic materials and waste in your body.

Allchristie Massage is aware that there are clients who would prefer a fully-clothed massage treatment. The Migun bed is the answer to their request. You lie on the Migun bed fully clothed. The process takes about 30 minutes. The massage heads can be padded for those who are sensitive to the rolling action. Many people relax so deeply that they fall asleep. There is another benefit; you will feel the endorphins creating in you a feeling of joy and wellness. A big smile and a refreshed feeling automatically appear.

Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah invites you to enjoy a free experience with your next massage. Bring a friend or spouse and they can also enjoy their free experience while you are receiving your session with the massage therapist. You will both relax and enjoy better health.

Be the first to book your appointment and receive your free gift of relaxation on the Migun bed. 801 565-8515 10:00am to 6:00pm by appointment.

Sunday, February 13, 2011




4x/Monthy Massage $39/hour
Bi-Monthly Appointments $50/hour
Regular Appointment $60/hour

Salt Scrub for Soft Skin $50.00
Facial Massage $35.00
Rain-Drop Relaxation Therapy $45.00
Reflexology for Soft Feet $40.00

Migun Spine Table $20.00/session
Couples Massage Instructions $50/session
Life Coaching by Larry $150/session
Boomerang Isometric Instructions $80/session

Friday, February 11, 2011



The University of Iowa Heart and Vascular Center states heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the US. At Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah we want to give you the secrets to staying well. Internal Medicine Doctors state that at least 30 minutes a day of a fast walk is a good start to keeping your heart strong. Of course, for the beginner or the one who hasn’t been exercising, there are hints to start out slow and keep on improving.

Using a resistive fitness band and doing extensions, lunges, curls, and flexors can be done easily at home. Completing reps (repetitions) of 10-30 in sets of threes – all at once or repeated during the day – will give your muscles a taste of repair from injury or atrophy. Once you feel able, get out and walk, too. Join a walking club or walk with a companion for your safety and fun.

Change your eating patterns. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. Drink eight or more glasses of water each day –take your weight, divide it in half, and consume up to that much water each day. That should be about ½ gallon per day. Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah has an Energic/Kangen Water machine. You can purchase water by the gallon here.

Fresh raw fruits and vegetables (or juiced fresh) add life to your metabolism. Take your vitamins everyday, making sure they include Omega 3’s, amino acids, minerals - Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, and plenty of B’s. B’s are found in these foods: Spinach, Broccoli, Potatoes, Lean Meats, Liver, Eggs, Bananas, Lentils, Parsley, Tomato Juice, Green Beans, Asparagus, Split Peas, Milk, Watermelon, and Sunflower seeds.

Allchristie Massage in Sandy, Utah wants you to have the best health of your life at whatever age you now are.

Weekly or monthly Massage is important for your health, too. Older clients state they feel “oiled” after Allchristie’s great healthy massages. They feel like a great massage, a good walk, eating right, and drinking healthy water has improved their health. Exercising has improved their heart functions, and eating a low fat diet has brought the joy back into their lives. As the tiger used to say – I feel great!

You can feel great too! Dial 801 565-8515 for your next appointment

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Thursday, February 10, 2011



I've noticed that after a great deep tissue or relaxation massage, the clients receiving their massage at Allchristie Massage in Sandy, Utah say they feel GREAT! Some feel so light with painless movement that they say they feel like they are floating. I love to see the smiles on their faces.

My thoughts moved to how I feel after their massage. I feel great, too! I am joyful that they have received a release of their pain. I feel accomplished that I have been able to release their tight, strained muscles -- those years of schooling have brought me the gift of healing! I feel the blessings of the universe with assistance in completing client requests. The process of flowing movement for one-hour or more has brought happy relief to stressed, painful or troubled souls. Occasionally they talk with me about their life events. Sometimes I have inspired words to say that give them ideas or solutions.

Although the time spent is a robust event for the therapist, using all muscles, friction, palpation, stretching, tension, trigger point release, manual therapy, body mechanics, and gravity pressure - along with tools of the trade - the therapist ends the session with a feeling of doing good for and giving service to another person - this is a gift.

The gift of nature brings birds in flight, animal movements, babbling brooks, waving seas or oceans, swaying trees, fragrant flowers and light from the sun, stars and moon. The massage therapist brings calmness, talent from schooling and natural gifts, beautiful relaxing music playing, a room full of aromatic healing smells, and a healing touch. Massage could only be better out in nature itself with the sun shining brightly by a babbling brook. I can see the wind blowing slightly against the sheets while the bells and chimes blend a magical, magnificent melody. So relaxing! So peaceful! So wonderful!

Call Allchristie Massage in Sandy, Utah for your next relaxing appointment. 801 565-8515

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I will give you only twelve because the list is very long:

I have a terrible pain between my shoulders, can you fix it?
I have pain in my neck, right here, what can you do for me?
I’ve been working out a lot and today my arms hurt.
I bent over wrong at work and now I have pain. My back hurts.
My head hurts all over and it is throbbing on this side.
When I wake up, my feet hurt and then later they feel better.
I hurt when I play tennis, can you help? My hands and elbows hurt.
When I move this muscle, I feel pain way over here, why?
My legs hurt when I walk up stairs. It hurts in my calf, I’m limping.
I heard about Reiki, is that energy real?
Do I have to take my clothes off?
I have a bad cold, can I come and get a massage?

These and many other questions are asked of the Allchristie Massage Therapist in Sandy, Utah. We all have muscles that we overuse or use incorrectly. That is when the pains start. If we do nothing there are two choices. The pain will get worse, or we go to the Doctor and get pain meds like Lour tabs to relax the muscle. Solution: a massage at Allchristie in Sandy,Utah.

The body is a magnificent machine. Drugs are not friendly to the body. They can be addictive. A stay in the hospital requires recuperation and having to re-awaken muscles that have atrophied from being flat in bed too long. It is surprising what time away from daily maintenance of muscles causes. Daily exercise, even small amounts, is the key.

The twelve questions above are asked because of overuse of one or more muscles. Too much exercise or sports, too soon, can cause strains and muscle tears. Using muscles that we aren’t using daily can hurt when we try doing too much. Some muscles become stretched and cause pain until they can be massaged and alleviated of the calcified toxins formed which restrict the movement of the muscle. Too many reps too soon, cause strains.

The pain shooting to another area is part of a nerve ending, meridian, or trigger point. The body is connected by tendons, muscles, veins, nerves, gristle, bone, and skin. Reiki is an energy force and can unblock congested areas of the body to allow nerve and blood movement again. No, you do not have to remove all your clothes. You are asked to remove only those clothes that would allow you to feel safe under the sheets. And finally, if you have a cold please stay home. I don’t want to become ill and your germs don’t need to be left for my other clients.

We want you to feel great and have strong muscles that carry your body beautifully! To leave so relaxed that you feel like you are floating. All pains removed and smiling.

Call Allchristie in Sandy, Utah for your appointment 801 565-8515 Today!

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Friday, February 04, 2011


February is Valentine's Month
ALLCHRISTIE MASSAGE in Sandy, Utah is ready with coupons for your sweethearts. Give her or him a gift coupon for a full-hour relaxation massage. You will love the compliments you receive and the extra kiss for thinking of them in that special way for total relaxation...away from the stress's of life and the workplace.

They will feel young again. So relaxed that they will feel like they are floating back to you!

Phone for your coupon and for your appointment. 801 565-8515

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011



Neck pain can affect your every mood. At Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah, the therapist listens to you and seeks therapy that will relieve or remove your pain. You may be having pain over the eye, on the top of your head or forehead, behind the ear, or along the neck or shoulder. This muscle stabilizes turning and flexing of the head and neck and maintains posture. Trigger Points (a future Post) are commonly found in this area and may be the cause of headache pain. One head (or part of this muscle) attaches to the clavicle - which lies in the front of your body (below your neck) while the other end attaches to the nuchal line (mastoid process) advancing to the occipital area.

At Allchristie Massage in Sandy, Utah the therapist will palpate the SCM (Sternodleidomastoid) by turning the head from side to side, assessing any tightness or trigger points. The therapist will lift the head slightly while striping (pressing on the muscle) as you have your head turned sideways, all the while checking with you as to how high your level of pain is, during the therapy.

If this sounds painful, remember the therapist is trained and licensed to assist in relieving your pain in this and others areas of the body. At Allchristie Massage in Sandy, Utah the therapist works cautiously for your relief. Allchristie wants you to feel no pain after the therapy and to return back for additional massages often. A great relaxing massage monthly will help the body not to tighten up from stress that causes many painful muscles. Of course your own injuries are handled professionally different and may require additional appointments.

Allchristie Massage in Sandy, Utah is ready to relieve your pain, NOW!
Phone: 801 565-8515

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