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Thursday, March 03, 2011



The Temporalis is located near the temple of your forehead and continues backwards towards the Occipital bone. The Temporalis is a large, scallop shaped muscle covering the side of the head, just above and behind the ear ranging almost to the eye socket. It is a common cause of headaches. Getting rid of headaches is a specialty of the Allchristie Massage Spa.

The Temporalis attaches to the mandible (jaw bone) and can cause problems with pain in the jaw due to it being too tight or stressed. Clients have suggested I hear the ‘click’ of the bone attachment by forcing their jaw sideways. Due to the Temporalis position surrounding several areas, its tightness may relate to molar teeth, eye brow pain, and check discomfort.

To work this muscle, the client lies supine (face up) on the table. Using cross-fiber stroking with the thumbs, from top to bottom, will release the pain in the Temporalis muscle. By moving the thumbs over the whole muscle, starting near the eye socket above the eyebrows, and continuing towards the back of the head a release is forthcoming. Note: This press and sliding apart action, depending on the size of the head, usually about one-to-two inches vertically, begins the muscle relaxation. Allchristie Massage works to relieve your uncomfortable pressure.

The therapist will continue the friction over the entire muscle until it is completely worked. A slight firm pressure also relieves the tightness. Check with the client to obtain the correct amount of pressure to prevent further pain. Even though the muscle is rather small, it will take time to relax it. Due to its location, the Temporalis muscle gets a lot of work, including talking, chewing, yawning, and even smiling. Allchristie Massage desires to keep you smiling without pain.

Aroma therapy can also be used to relax the client, while working on the Temporalis muscle. Adding soft relaxing music is also a benefit. Always ask the client, “What kind of music would you like to hear while you are on the table?” Allchristie Massage Spa has a variety of relaxing mood music available.

When you have pain, discomfort or a bad headache grab your phone and call Allchristie Massage Spa in Sandy, Utah. Make your appointment today!

Dial 801 565-8515 For all your pain-free future days ahead.

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