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Wednesday, February 23, 2011



There are proven business practices that apply to Massage Therapy business as they do to all other businesses. Write your Mission statement to give you the Why you are deciding to be self-employed - working for yourself. Your tax benefits, ability to purchase a home, a business store front, and other banking policies should be addressed. Part of your research you can do on the internet. Example: find out how many practices of your type are in your area. What do they charge? Investigate the average cost of utilities in that area. Price of Rents? Cost of advertising? Will you be hiring staff, if so, what hourly rate?

The first key word of any Business Practice is clients! The second key word is Having a Business Plan including Finances with the appropriate Business Forms. The thrid key word is Marketing Strategies and type of Advertising you can afford. The final key word is Business Location. If you are planning on Bank Loans, your business Plan must be to their standards of accountability and repayment of costs plus interest.

Your Business Plan will have estimated income and expenses. It will set service fees and set the days or times you are open for business. In your research for these standards you will establish your business policies and/or the procedures or modalities that you will apply in your practice. Of course you will have goals to track your progress and a room theme including Feng Shui, aroma and color.

With your Business Forms you will have previously made file folders to be filled out by your clients, before you open. These will include the HEPPA laws with the Privacy Laws for protecting their information.

In your file folder, I suggest a picture of the body - both front and back, for you to define the problem areas to be worked on from your conversation(s) with your clients. When you offer insurance forms for payments from their Insurance, you will need to document their condition and your planned structure for pain relief with your benefits.

The file folder will also include client intake information and a release form from liability - which will have your Liability Insurance and License information therein. Also, questions to be filled out by your client regarding their medical history and a place for their signature. They will have signed for mediation not law suits should their be any questions about your service and therapy.

Add inspirational quotes to your office to keep you focused. Soft music, fragrant aromas, charts of the body, bells, candles, light from windows, decorations of many kinds will add to your practice the atmosphere you design for your benefit and the return of your cients.

Growing a successful practice has many phases and gives your work great possibilities. Your life will be greatly enhanced doing what you love to do in the place that you prepare.

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