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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I will give you only twelve because the list is very long:

I have a terrible pain between my shoulders, can you fix it?
I have pain in my neck, right here, what can you do for me?
I’ve been working out a lot and today my arms hurt.
I bent over wrong at work and now I have pain. My back hurts.
My head hurts all over and it is throbbing on this side.
When I wake up, my feet hurt and then later they feel better.
I hurt when I play tennis, can you help? My hands and elbows hurt.
When I move this muscle, I feel pain way over here, why?
My legs hurt when I walk up stairs. It hurts in my calf, I’m limping.
I heard about Reiki, is that energy real?
Do I have to take my clothes off?
I have a bad cold, can I come and get a massage?

These and many other questions are asked of the Allchristie Massage Therapist in Sandy, Utah. We all have muscles that we overuse or use incorrectly. That is when the pains start. If we do nothing there are two choices. The pain will get worse, or we go to the Doctor and get pain meds like Lour tabs to relax the muscle. Solution: a massage at Allchristie in Sandy,Utah.

The body is a magnificent machine. Drugs are not friendly to the body. They can be addictive. A stay in the hospital requires recuperation and having to re-awaken muscles that have atrophied from being flat in bed too long. It is surprising what time away from daily maintenance of muscles causes. Daily exercise, even small amounts, is the key.

The twelve questions above are asked because of overuse of one or more muscles. Too much exercise or sports, too soon, can cause strains and muscle tears. Using muscles that we aren’t using daily can hurt when we try doing too much. Some muscles become stretched and cause pain until they can be massaged and alleviated of the calcified toxins formed which restrict the movement of the muscle. Too many reps too soon, cause strains.

The pain shooting to another area is part of a nerve ending, meridian, or trigger point. The body is connected by tendons, muscles, veins, nerves, gristle, bone, and skin. Reiki is an energy force and can unblock congested areas of the body to allow nerve and blood movement again. No, you do not have to remove all your clothes. You are asked to remove only those clothes that would allow you to feel safe under the sheets. And finally, if you have a cold please stay home. I don’t want to become ill and your germs don’t need to be left for my other clients.

We want you to feel great and have strong muscles that carry your body beautifully! To leave so relaxed that you feel like you are floating. All pains removed and smiling.

Call Allchristie in Sandy, Utah for your appointment 801 565-8515 Today!

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