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Wednesday, February 02, 2011



Neck pain can affect your every mood. At Allchristie Massage in Sandy Utah, the therapist listens to you and seeks therapy that will relieve or remove your pain. You may be having pain over the eye, on the top of your head or forehead, behind the ear, or along the neck or shoulder. This muscle stabilizes turning and flexing of the head and neck and maintains posture. Trigger Points (a future Post) are commonly found in this area and may be the cause of headache pain. One head (or part of this muscle) attaches to the clavicle - which lies in the front of your body (below your neck) while the other end attaches to the nuchal line (mastoid process) advancing to the occipital area.

At Allchristie Massage in Sandy, Utah the therapist will palpate the SCM (Sternodleidomastoid) by turning the head from side to side, assessing any tightness or trigger points. The therapist will lift the head slightly while striping (pressing on the muscle) as you have your head turned sideways, all the while checking with you as to how high your level of pain is, during the therapy.

If this sounds painful, remember the therapist is trained and licensed to assist in relieving your pain in this and others areas of the body. At Allchristie Massage in Sandy, Utah the therapist works cautiously for your relief. Allchristie wants you to feel no pain after the therapy and to return back for additional massages often. A great relaxing massage monthly will help the body not to tighten up from stress that causes many painful muscles. Of course your own injuries are handled professionally different and may require additional appointments.

Allchristie Massage in Sandy, Utah is ready to relieve your pain, NOW!
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