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Thursday, February 10, 2011



I've noticed that after a great deep tissue or relaxation massage, the clients receiving their massage at Allchristie Massage in Sandy, Utah say they feel GREAT! Some feel so light with painless movement that they say they feel like they are floating. I love to see the smiles on their faces.

My thoughts moved to how I feel after their massage. I feel great, too! I am joyful that they have received a release of their pain. I feel accomplished that I have been able to release their tight, strained muscles -- those years of schooling have brought me the gift of healing! I feel the blessings of the universe with assistance in completing client requests. The process of flowing movement for one-hour or more has brought happy relief to stressed, painful or troubled souls. Occasionally they talk with me about their life events. Sometimes I have inspired words to say that give them ideas or solutions.

Although the time spent is a robust event for the therapist, using all muscles, friction, palpation, stretching, tension, trigger point release, manual therapy, body mechanics, and gravity pressure - along with tools of the trade - the therapist ends the session with a feeling of doing good for and giving service to another person - this is a gift.

The gift of nature brings birds in flight, animal movements, babbling brooks, waving seas or oceans, swaying trees, fragrant flowers and light from the sun, stars and moon. The massage therapist brings calmness, talent from schooling and natural gifts, beautiful relaxing music playing, a room full of aromatic healing smells, and a healing touch. Massage could only be better out in nature itself with the sun shining brightly by a babbling brook. I can see the wind blowing slightly against the sheets while the bells and chimes blend a magical, magnificent melody. So relaxing! So peaceful! So wonderful!

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