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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Diabetes is the 6th Leading Cause of Death in US

Dr Joe Prendergast - The Leading Advocate of Self-Health Care, wrote 'Dr Joe's Rx For Managing Your Health'.
Over the last 33 years, Dr Joe has conducted long hours of research in the field of diabetes, endocrinology, and metabolism. His book gives you hope and answers. He also created the Pacific Medical Research Foundation, using the internet, to reach people with information.
A short synopsis:
Diabetes - a lifetime diagnosis with severe and potentially life-threatening complications.
20 million Americans have Type 2 diabetes and they don't even know it. It often takes 7 years before the disease complications materialize. Diabetes is not a disease about sugar. It is problems with glucose regulation. It has reached epidemic proportions in the US. A1c is a test that measures the average blood sugar over the past 2-3 months, giving the Doctor information to diagnose.
People must know there are new discoveries, like the use of l-arginine, that can dramatically improve, and even reverse, many of the complications suffered by diabetics. Cardiovascular disease is a chief cause of death in people whose diabetes developed after age 30, often called hardening of the arteries. These complications can be largely prevented.

In 1991 30% of diabetic patients ended up seeing a cardiologist. In 2000 1% of his patients needed to see a cardiologist. Since then, his practice has had no patients suffer from heart attack or stroke. L-arginine is the single most important discovery in preventing heart disease and is the main ingredient in ProArgi9 Plus.

Exercise has positive effects. Start slow and work up to walking 4 miles per day, plus 20 minutes of strength training per week, and 30 minutes per week stretching. Walk, add l-arginine, lower your calories and fat, and reduce the risk of getting diabetes by 71% - for those over 60.

The benefits of l-arginine (ProArgi9 Plus) helps the body to release important hormones, increases lean muscle mass, speeds wound recovery, boosts the immune system, promotes healthy blood flow, stimulates sexuality by decreasing impotence and female sexual dysfunction, helps Alzheimer's patients, retards tumor growth, helps men with fertility problems, and reverses heart disease both arterial and atherosclerosis. More benefits to come!

Next time I will bring you Dr. Joe Prendergast's eating regime.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wouldn't it be great to have robust health again?

I've noticed in my massage practice that many clients are suffering with health problems. That is, other than a pulled muscle or a pain right there. When they fill out their data they check boxes that tell me they may also be suffering from High blood pressure, high Cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, fibromalgia (by reducing inflamation), unable to lose weight (in 2000 64% of American adults were overweight), migraines, lack of energy, unable to sleep, or lots of stress in their lives. I know that massage and body work will relieve the muscle and fascia problems; however, I continue to feel impressed to share studies with my clients and you about products that I have investigated, which are all natural and relieve or reverse many or all of health issues.

OK, so you are thinking eat fish and vegetables with fruits and everything will be fine or maybe add some vitamins to your diet. Not enough! Education is often investigation...yes this requires reading and study - just like school.

Here at Allchristie we believe in research. I will provide you with a summary of several books that I believe will change your life and provide you optimum results for your best health ever. They have changed mine and my husbands' lives forever. We expect to outlive all our neighbors with their 'I don't believe in buying anything but groceries' scenarios.

In my garden I add minerals to the soil, compost, and aged maneur. The large farms that grow most of our produce have stripped the soil of its value and we receive harvested unripe, gassed, produce. Not what I would call healthy, even though many live on it exclusively.

I will bring you information through my research that should give you a big smile on your face, energy to perform, and a body that you can be proud of.

The first product that I want to introduce to you is ProArgi9 Plus. I take this product. It has reversed my high blood pressure and high chlesterol, given me better sleep and the ability to shield my daily life stress'.

I will give you the names of several books that you can read.
First: NO More Heart Disease by Dr. Louis J. Ignarro
Second: The Cardiovascular Cure by John P. Cooke, M.D., Ph.D.
Third: Let's Stop the #1 Killer of Americans Today by Harry Elwardt, N.D., Ph.D.
Fourth: Dr. Joe's RX for Managing Your Health by Dr. Joe Prendergast
Dr. Prendergast gives a Seminar in Utah monthly to answer questions about Cardiovascular Health.

As we age our bodies produce less Nitric Oxide. To increase it we turn to arginine. Arginine is 1,000 times more powerful that any naturally occurring antioxidant in the body. It provides protection to the cardiovascular system against heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and slows down the aging process. It keeps your arteries elastic, which aids in blood flow and lowering blood pressure. It helps to relieve angina. It has anti-coagulant abilities that can reduce clotting, which lowers heart attack and stroke risk. It can improve male sexual performance. It boosts human growth hormone, which provides anti-aging benefits. It can improve memory. It helps lower LDL. It increases bone density and promotes lean muscle mass. Arginine increases production of Nitric Oxide and heals the endothelium.

The formulation has been researched for over 30 years and in 1998, Louis J. Ignario received the Nobel Laureate in Medicine for his research on Nitric Oxide and how it reverses disease. The formulation has been updated by Dr. Prendergast and is now giving even more benefits.

To obtain this product please Order on the internet. Three containers for $156.51 plus $10.00 shipping. You receive the product at the wholesale price. I pay the same amount!
on the Heart and follow the prompts.
Thank you!

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Monday, June 15, 2009


My client yesterday evening had a bad Migraine headache. He had resigned himself to bed. Of course, his wife made the appointment. I've had great success with Migraine headache release. I found his shoulders were as hard as rock, his face was grimacing in pain, and the light blinded his eyes. I started work on his shoulders, spine, trapezius, head and neck. The knots seemed reluctant to disappear. About half-way through the session he began to relax. I worked 4 meridians, 7 nerve areas, the occipitals, scalenes, rhomboids, SCM, applied trigger-points, and massaged his scalp and head. Treatment of these various areas brought relief.His face showed a smile again, his painful headache disappeared.

Ask about our June specials.
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